You’re Invited! Winter Rose Pruning Demonstration

George Garcia

Credit: Master Gardener, George Garcia, Winter Pruning Rose Bush
(El Paso Master Gardener

While your roses are dormant it’s a good time to learn about winter rose pruning. Proper pruning will help ensure a healthy plant and beautiful blooms throughout the year.

El Paso County Master Gardeners and the El Paso Rose Society will present a rose pruning demonstration for the public to take the mystery out of pruning. The demonstration will be at the Municipal Rose Garden, 1702 N. Copia (Copia and Aurora) on Saturday, January 27th, from 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Join us to learn more about the “3 D’s” of rose pruning and how and when to prune climbers. Master Gardeners will demonstrate pruning techniques for hybrid teas, grandiflora, floribunda and other rose varieties. Information on rose care and maintenance will be available along with the demonstrations.

The Rose Garden is closed for the winter season while Master Gardeners and other Rose Garden volunteers ready the 1,600+ roses for spring bloom. The garden will open to the public on March 1 with peak blooming expected in April.

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How to Stay Busy in Your Winter Garden

It’s winter so there’s not as much to grow as in other seasons. You can stay busy by protecting existing gardens and preparing for future planting, according to Dr. Joe Masabni, AgriLife Extension small-acreage vegetable specialist, in Winter Isn’t the Time for Gardeners to Sit Back and Wait. Some tasks are to remove any weeds that continue to grow throughout the winter months and to sort out any stored vegetables like onions or garlic to remove any spoiled or rotting plant materials. It’s also a good time to take soil samples and send them off for testing. The results will let you know if you need to amend your soil to grow better vegetables or even produce a healthier lawn.

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Soil sample testing kits can be obtained from El Paso County’s Horticulture Extension office by calling 915-771-2354.

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Grow Your Own Transplants

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Caring for Potted Succulents in Winter  


Credit: Jennifer Medina Salter

by Jennifer Medina Salter, El Paso Master Gardener

Over the past few months I have been collecting small potted succulents/cacti on my patio. Many of them are cold sensitive, and with colder temperatures here it is definitely time to change the plant environment. I brought my plants inside, but many people move theirs into greenhouses. Whatever the environment, remember that although most succulents/cacti are winter dormant they still have three basic requirements: light, water and temperature.

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Winter Is Not Gray 

by Maria C. Del Rio, El Paso Master Gardener

Although many of our trees drop their leaves in autumn, winter in El Paso does not have to be gray. Many trees, bushes and plants can provide color and structure to our winter gardens.

Evergreens, both trees and bushes can delight us with their varied shapes and shades of green. Some of the native evergreen trees you may consider for your garden are Texas Mountain Laurel, Texas Madrone, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Afghan/Mondel Pine and Italian Stone Pine.

Hollies are another versatile plant with their dark green foliage and colored berries. All hollies bloom, but only the female plant produces berries, some red, some yellow; others are white or orange, a creamy color, or black. Be sure you have a male holly within about a half mile or there won’t be any berries for the winter season.

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ask us picturePlant and Gardening Questions?
Ask an Expert

The Master Gardener Help Desk has closed for the winter and will reopen on February 20, 2019. Until then, please submit your gardening questions using the Ask the Help Desk form. You will receive an answer from a Master Gardener volunteer by phone or email.

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Newcomer’s Gardening Snapshot for El Paso County

welcome  Many new residents arrive in El Paso each year from climates and growing conditions much different than the Chihuahuan desert. This Newcomer’s Gardening Snapshot highlights some main features of El Paso’s climate including our growing season, USDA Plant Hardiness Zones, U.S. Sunset Climate Zone, first average frost date, average rainfall and more. It also provides links to informative websites which are helpful for newcomers, identifies some local public gardens, and provides a contact for obtaining a Soil Sample Kit.

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Improve Your Skills with Our Informative El Paso Gardening Handbook

EPMG Gardening Handbook Cover 2018There are many types of gardeners in El Paso. Some tend to their vegetable gardens, whether in raised beds or containers, while others pride themselves in their yards that feature native and adapted plants. Some have recently moved here and aren’t sure where to start now that they’re in the high desert, don’t recognize many of the desert landscape plants, and wonder if they can have a lawn.   Read more »

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