Ascarate Teaching and Demonstration Garden

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acarete garden

 Have you been out to the garden lately? Over the last 2 years we have expanded into our full size, by making some of our raised beds bigger, adding 2 Keyhole Gardens, expanding our container garden area, starting a self-watering container garden section, establishing an asparagus bed and even growing some loofahs!!! Whewww!!!



people at garden

But even better than that! We have held many garden events for schools,

teaching at garden  gardening clubs and camps!!  

Veronica with kids  kids at garden

veggies spelling h2o  more people at garden

We have even given tours of our garden and advised other Master Gardener groups and visitors on the gardening techniques we use,

more people at garden

and provided hands on gardening training for EPCC Community Service Learners

more veggies

     man at agrden      

In addition to all this cool stuff, over the last 2 years we have amassed thousands of volunteer hours educating our community about good gardening practices,
trained even more Master Gardener Interns,
plus we have donated almost
!!! TONS !!!
of fresh produce to the

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank!!

more veggies


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