Texas Master Gardener EarthKind® Gardens


ThermometerFullWe did it!  The Gardens and Greenway Donations thermometer has erupted; it’s OVER THE TOP!  You, the Master Gardeners of Texas, have given so generously to this project that we have met our 3-year goal in nine short months! We are so proud of each and every one of you who came together to achieve the naming rights of the Earth-Kind® Garden, one of the specialty areas of the Teaching Garden Complex within the Gardens and Greenway.

$108,440 from 36 counties – that’s what we’ve raised thus far!

Future donations will go towards expanding the Teaching Gardens, enhancing the signage and adding elements like statues or similar features.  These gardens will be our “backyard” and we should feel very gratified by our contributions!  You may view the donations by following this link.

This is amazing! I’m so proud for the Master Gardeners to take on this opportunity and achieve the goal so quickly.

The Texas Master Gardeners are the FIRST state-wide organization to come together, make a commitment and name a Garden in the Teaching Gardens Complex. Truly a tremendous example of the passion and contribution the Texas Master Gardeners make each day to the state, counties and neighborhoods in which they live.

Please note:  we are officially shortening the name of the Gardens & Greenway to The Gardens at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Doug Welsh, Project Coordinator, The Gardens at Texas A&M University

The Gardens Master Plan