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Texas Master Gardener Association Awards Program

Texas Master Gardener Association (TMGA), in cooperation with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas A&M University System, recognizes and presents awards for exemplary achievement.

Official 2019 Awards Handbook

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Outstanding Individual Master Gardener Entry Form

Outstanding Master Gardener Association Entry Form

Marva E. Beck JMG™ Leader of the Year Entry Form

Texas Search for Excellence Award Entry Form
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The Texas Master Gardener Association encourages full participation in the Awards Program. All Texas Master Gardener Associations that are members of the TMGA are eligible to participate provided their 2019 TMGA dues were paid by March 1, 2019.

Awards Submissions will be accepted beginning January 1st, 2020 and closing January 31, 2020 at 10:00pm.


Membership Categories

County sizes are determined by the number of dues-paying members on December 31, 2018 as reported by the TMGA Treasurer.

  • Small – 1-24 dues paying Texas Master Gardeners
  • Medium – 25-49 dues-paying Texas Master Gardeners
  • Medium Large – 50-99 dues-paying Texas Master Gardeners
  • Large – 100-199 dues-paying Texas Master Gardeners
  • Extra Large – 200 or more dues-paying Texas Master Gardeners

  Categories for awards: 

1.       Youth – The Youth category recognizes a Master Gardener program that coordinates Junior Master Gardener groups, activities and service learning projects.

2.      Project – The project category recognizes a project which is at a physical location. The project should display best horticulture practices for educational purposes, i.e., a demonstration garden, school/community garden, permanent display, etc.

3.       Education Program – The Education Program category recognizes an educational program which is a teaching opportunity presented by Master Gardeners to a group to provide educational information about a horticultural topic. The Educational Program can include workshops or presentations.

4.      Written Education – The Written Education award recognizes any form of printed material which is created and written by Master Gardeners as a tool for education. This would include newsletters, pamphlets, calendars and mass media.

5.      Research – The Research award recognizes a project with applied scientific methodology conducted by Master Gardeners with oversight provided by a Texas A&M AgriLife Services employee. The entry must be written by the Master Gardeners involved, not by Extension staff.

6.        Marva E. Beck JMG Leader of the Year – This award recognizes one adult, chosen from all submitting counties regardless of size,  who demonstrates effective leadership in support of JMG programs in his or her Master Gardener Association or county. This adult may be either a Master Gardener or a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service employee. Applicants for this award must be county faculty, staff, or a Master Gardener volunteer, and be affiliated with one or more registered Texas JMG groups. This award is given in the name of Mrs. Marva Beck, our 2000 Texas Master Gardener President, for her visionary leadership, initiative, and ability to plant seeds of hope for the gardening youth of Texas. This award is given yearly in her name to commemorate her contributions to the JMG program.

7.       Outstanding Individual Master Gardener – The Outstanding Individual category recognizes a Master Gardener who is a certified member in good standing within a Master Gardener Association, and whose involvement and contributions during the award year are of primary importance, although prior-year contributions or involvement may also be considered.

8.      Outstanding Master Gardener Association – The Outstanding Association category recognizes a Master Gardener Association that has completed at least one or more programs and/or projects of importance to the community.  The programs and/or projects must involve two or more certified Master Gardeners.  The programs and/or projects may be ongoing.

2019 Awards Committee

The 2019 TMGA Awards Committee is comprised of Chair Sharon Zaal, Galveston County; Executive Member Robin Collins, Galveston County; and committee members Yvonne Sparks, Henderson County; Carol Beyer, Hill County; Debbie Hopkins-Higham, McLennan County; Kathy Love, Bell County.

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