Improve Your Skills with Our Informative El Paso Gardening Handbook

EPMG Gardening Handbook Cover 2018

There are many types of gardeners in El Paso. Some tend to their vegetable gardens, whether in raised beds or containers, while others pride themselves in their yards that feature native and adapted plants. Some have recently moved here and aren’t sure where to start now that they’re in the high desert, don’t recognize many of the desert landscape plants, and wonder if they can have a lawn.

For all these types of gardeners, the El Paso County Master Gardeners created a one-of-a-kind illustrated gardening handbook for our area. The El Paso Gardening Handbook addresses El Paso specific gardening concerns and best practices. With sections on ornamentals, edibles, turf, native and adapted plants, woody plants, and climate, it will appeal to both experienced and novice gardeners. The handbook was written in cooperation with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and provides research-based information.

From the Table of Contents, here’s a preview of the handbook’s sections. Each section has information on several related topics:

Section 1: Climate
Section 2: Native and Adaptive Plants
Section 3: It’s Not Easy Growing Green
Section 4: Shade Trees, Shrub, and Other Woody Plants
Section 5: Edible Gardening
Section 6: Insects and Integrated Pest Management
Section 7: Gardening Resources
Section 8: References

The handbooks are available for the purchase price of $10 each. Purchases are by cash and check, no credit cards.

For inquiries and purchase information, please contact the El Paso County Master Gardener Help Desk at (915) 771-2354, Monday through Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Also, messages can be left on the Help Desk answering machine and your call will be returned.

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