Buzz Off! Prevent Mosquitoes to Reduce Disease

by Marlene Stalker, El Paso Master Gardener

standing water

Mosquito conducive conditions,
Credit: NYSIPM Gallery

Mosquito-transmitted diseases are on our radar now more than ever. The bite of an infected mosquito can spread West Nile virus, chikungunya, dengue, and Zika. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension’s “Mosquito Safari” is an interactive audio-visual website that takes you around a house and neighborhood to learn where mosquitoes will breed so they can be eliminated. The website also discusses mosquito-borne diseases and how to control them.

Below, there are links to fact sheets from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to answer some of the more common Zika questions. Read them to learn how to protect yourself from mosquitoes and prevent the spreading of disease.

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