August Task

Gardening tasks for August.

  • Divide, disinfect and replant iris. To disinfect, dip rhizomes in a 10-1 water and bleach solution.
  • Start seeds for broccoli, collards, brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnip greens and cauliflower
  • Water and turn compost bins
  • Collect wildflower seeds.
  • Water lawns thoroughly and deeply and check for grubs. Treat if more than 5-7 grubs are found per square foot.
  • Mulch beds where the mulch has composted. Keep weeds pulled before they go to seed.
  • Plant agastaches, sedums, salvias, fall asters and plumbago for Fall color
  • If tomato plants are not in bloom, cut back by 1/3 to ensure fall crops.
  • Plant new tomato transplants and keep them watered.
  • Assess your gardens for bare spots and lack of texture.
  • Make garden plans to for future plantings to have year round color.
  • Look for spider mites on any plant.
  • If you have to be out, be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Keep cool! And admire your gardens from inside!

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