September Task

Gardening tasks for September

  • Order wildflower seeds and spring blooming bulbs. Pay close attention to our time zone and use only reputable companies.
  • Deadhead roses and crape myrtles and remove unproductive growth.
  • Divide iris, disinfect rhizomes and transplant or give away. I’ll never turn down a free iris!
  • Sever layered rootings, taken in July, from the mother plants and transplant directly into the soil.
  • Plant a row of lettuce, spinach and greens every two weeks from now until mid October to ensure a continuing harvest.
  • Plant broccoli, beets, cabbage, bok choy, collards, cauliflower, chard, turnips, carrots, and radish if you haven’t done so.
  • Sow seeds of snapdragon, pansy, astilbe, calendula, dianthus, viola, candytuft, statice, clarksia, Shasta daisy, columbine, statice, poppy, penstemon, hollyhock, lunarias, coreopsis, coral bells, campanula and sweet william.
  • Plant ornamental cabbage and kale.
  • Prune out dead and diseased wood from shrubs and trees. Leave the heavy pruning until mid-winter.
  • Divide spring flowering perennials like gaillardia, rudbeckia, canna, daylilies, ajuga, violets and liriope.
  • Mulch all new plantings.
  • Keep all plants watered well, especially those with green fruit or berries.
  • Keep hummingbird feeders cleaned and full of nectar.
  • Plant container- grown shrubs and trees and keep watered.
  • Clean up around all fruit trees, remove any dried fruit and discard to lessen the threat of fungal problems in the spring.
  • Water and turn the compost piles.
  • Collect seed from annuals that have done well and store in cool, dry, dark place. Prescription bottles are great for storing seed!
  • Plant chrysanthemums. Be sure the plants have a good root system to support any blooms that are present.
  • Fertilize perennials and deciduous trees one more time. Then stop fertilizing to promote root growth rather than tender stem growth.
  • Prepare wildflower beds and remember that these have a hard time competing with grasses so prepare the beds with that in mind.
  • Prepare beds for spring blooming bulbs and add lots of organic matter. Be sure the bed has good drainage so the bulbs do not rot.
  • Lightly prune and fertilize roses.
  • Plant Mexican Mint Marigold, fall asters, ornamental grasses Mexican Bush Salvia and sedums.
  • If anticipating moving a small tree, root prune it now to reduce transplant shock when moved later in the year.
  • Be sure to label all new plants in the garden to reduce the risk of digging up after dormancy sets in.

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