March Task

Gardening tasks for March:

  • I use March 15th as our last freeze date, although there is controversy there. Just be in tune with the weather forecasts and be prepared to cover tender plants if a freeze is expected. One thing to look for is heaving of plants due to freezing and thawing. If this has occurred, gently push the plant back into the soil and lightly tamp it in with your foot. This happened with my Mahonia last week.
  • March is a good time to sow seeds for vegetables. Remember that these seeds will not germinate until the soil reaches a certain temperature so be patient.
  • Be sure your soil is prepared. Mix in compost or well-rotted manure.
  • It is also time to plant potatoes, asparagus and horseradish.
  • With the March rains, watch for areas of poor drainage and fix the problem
  • Clean out all birdhouses
  • Turn the compost
  • Get those weeds out of the gardens before they go to seed.
  • You can plant tomato and pepper plants but watch the weather closely. If tomato plants are tall enough, strip off the lower leaves, leaving at least 4. Plant the seedling in soil up to 4” of the lowest leaf. They will grow a stronger root system. FYI~tomato plants will not set fruit below 58°F or above 85°F. So my planting in February and worrying about freezing did not produce fruit any earlier last year. My seedlings are not outside yet this year!
  • This is a good time to check mulch to be sure it is sufficient. Warm temperatures will be here sooner than I want.

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