October Task

Gardening tasks for October

  • Start planting bulbs in containers for holiday color. Use amaryllis, paperwhites, and hyacinths.
  • Move non-cold hardy plants inside at the end of the month. Be sure to check for insects and disease. Give all a good blast from the water hose.
  • Plant pansies, sweet william, poppies, calendulas, snapdragons, violas, dianthus, pinks, flowering kale and cabbage.
  • Sow wildflower seeds for spring color. Make sure seeds are in contact with the soil.
  • Buy and plant spring blooming bulbs. Be sure to use bone meal covered with 2” of soil.
  • Plant onion, garlic and leeks. Remember to plant 1015 onions on the 15th.
  • Test the soil in the vegetable garden and add what is suggested.
  • Root prune any trees or shrubs you plan to move in the spring.
  • Keep bird feeders clean and filled.
  • Take cuttings from herbs for windowsill gardens.
  • Plant a cover crop of legumes in unused beds or till in compost. Till legumes under in early spring for a boost of nitrogen.
  • Plant grapevines.
  • Plant Swiss chard, collards, kohlrabi, mustard greens, rutabaga, spinach, cilantro, dill and strawberries.
  • Overseed lawns with rye grass.
  • Divide and transplant iris, day lily, phlox and violet.
  • Prune damaged or diseased branches from shrubs and trees in late fall or early winter and destroy Do not add to compost.
  • Turn and water compost piles.
  • Mulch all beds.
  • Cut back perennial herbs to encourage well-branched growth next year.
  • Dry or freeze cuttings or root them for indoors.
  • Plant trees and shrubs.
  • Clean up the gardens.
  • Pull spent annuals.
  • Watch for blackspot on roses.
  • Start raking leaves and put on the compost pile.

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