July Task

Gardening tasks for July.

  • Plant fall pansy seed.
  • Water containers daily if it doesn’t rain.
  • Water lawns & gardens early in the morning.
  • Continue to deadhead & pinch back mums.
  • Root verbenas, ivy, climbing roses, vinca, pachysandra etc. by layering into the warm soil. Bury a section of the plant that has “eyes” in the soil holding down with “U” shaped wire or rocks.
  • Sow hollyhocks, foxgloves & sweetwilliam.
  • Make geranium cuttings for indoor winter bloom.
  • Empty areas of the vegetable garden that have finished producing & sow seeds for cool season crops such as collards & broccoli or a cover crop of clover to add nitrogen to the soil.
  • If you eat bananas, bury the peels around roses to add potassium, which they love.
  • Water & turn the compost bins.
  • Clean up any standing water to deter mosquitoes.
  • Cut back spent canna blooms to the next flower head.
  • Sow zinnia seed & plant fall-blooming bulbs such as spider lilies & crocus.
  • Look out for spider mites. They love dry, hot weather. To check for the little buggers, hold a piece of white paper under the suspect plant & thump the leaves. If you see little, tiny moving “dots”, yup, you have mites. Use a strong spray of water to control.
  • Start your fall gardens.

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