Romancing the Monarchs

Monarch in the Garden

The PURPOSE of the Romancing the Monarch Event is to invite residents to plant a Butterfly Garden, using a variety of HOST plants that butterflies need to lay their eggs, and caterpillars to eat and beautiful NECTAR plants that full grown butterflies need for food.  A butterfly garden is a joyful mix of plants that attract butterflies and pollinators to your garden.  And this time of year we are encouraging families in Hood County to plant MILKWEED to ‘Romance” or encourage the mighty Monarch Butterfly to linger a bit in our gardens during their annual migration from Canada to Mexico.  Our purpose is to teach our neighbors how to roll out the Welcome Mat for Monarchs – by planting the only plant that mama Monarchs will lay their eggs, and Monarch caterpillars will eat – Milkweed.  There are many types of Milkweed from natural, prairie Milkweed to Tropical Milkweed.  And the most magical of all is to walk amongst a beautiful butterfly garden to enjoy the flowers and witness the glory of nature as the Monarch Butterflies come for a visit.   Due to urbanization, most of the natural prairie milkweed has been replaced by neighborhoods, shopping centers, hospitals and highways.  With an endangered number of Monarch Butterflies seeking their only food source, we can help them along their voyage by supplying their necessary food to sustain them on their journey.

The Lake Granbury Master Gardeners, working with are part of the team who tracks the flight of the Monarch Butterfly by placing a tiny tag on the Monarch Butterfly, and entering that information into an international database to their numbers may be counted and awareness created to have their precious food source available all along their path.

As we continue to learn to plant a variety of Host and Nectar plants to attract many types of butterflies and pollinators we will share in the joy of watching nature unfold, right in our own backyards, and community areas where all may enjoy the magic of the flight of the Monarch!

You are invited to visit our Demonstration Garden at any time, during any season to see what is growing and what will thrive in your garden in Hood County.

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