The Gardens of SJC Master Gardeners

In January 2018 we submitted our award application for the Gardens and won third place in the state of Texas.  Below are several documents related to the Gardens of SJC Master Gardeners which are located at the Coldspring Community Center.  If you are interested in the fertilizer schedule and what to use when planting new plants be sure to check out all the worksheets in the Projects and Estimates 2018 workbook below.

SJC MG Award Application 02012018 by Sandra Smith

SJC MG Support Photos 02012018

SJC MG Support Photos #2 02012018

SJC Garden Projects and Estimates 2018 by Sandra Smith

SJC MG Garden Plat CCC Garden 2018

In 2017, the Garden Committee decided to expand the Butterfly/Demonstration Garden to include a small vegetable garden, a rose garden (which many think are difficult to grow) and an herb garden, in order to share a few of the many garden varieties from which a homeowner can choose.  During monthly work days, crushed granite pathways were added, raised cinder block vegetable beds were constructed, and two new beds were created.  Lattice panel walls were also erected on two sides of the garden.  Host plants were added to attract more butterflies.  We plan to submit a new award application in January 2018 for all these changes and updates to our Gardens.


·         Demonstrate sound, reliable time-tested horticultural practices as taught by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

·         Encourage reduction of yard wastes entering landfills by utilizing “homemade” mulch and compost.

·         Encourage water conservation by use of drip irrigation.

·         Demonstrate that visitors can successfully grow their own vegetables, herbs and roses with very little care in a relatively small space by properly amending the native soil and choosing varieties of plants appropriate for our area.

·         Increase citizen awareness of SJC Master Gardener’s programs and services.


The SJCMG began work on a demonstration garden in 2014.  This garden was originally designed and inspired by Connie Heiman.  It is located at the Coldspring Community Center.  The concept of the garden is to provide both aesthetic and educational purposes. This on-going project provides opportunities for plant and landscape demonstrations and is open year round for the enjoyment of the patrons of San Jacinto County.

In 2014, the SJCMG were recipients of a grant sponsored by the Native Plant Society of Texas. The SJCMG’s Bring Back the Monarch Grant funding was used at the Butterfly Memorial Demonstration Garden to collect data and encourage the growth, development and sustention of the Monarch butterflies. The Texas Master Gardener Association, Inc. presented its Texas Search for Excellence Award to the SJCMGs for its Bring Back the Monarch Project at the Butterfly Memorial Demonstration Garden for small-sized Master Gardener groups.

Our Butterfly Memorial Garden was awarded second place in the Small Gardens Category at the state level in 2016.

With some minor changes, the hand drawings have become a beautiful garden...

With some minor changes, the hand drawings have become a beautiful garden…

Garden Award Application

Do you want to memorialize a loved one? Or, honor a hero? Contact us if you would like to order a brick/stone. Several sizes including art work are available. Your bricks will be placed in the Butterfly Memorial Garden located at the Coldspring Community Center.


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