History (As of January 2019)

San Jacinto County Master Gardeners (SJCMG) is part of the Texas Master Gardener program sanctioned by the Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service. As certified Master Gardeners, each participant is required to complete the programmatic 50 hours of classroom education and 50 hours of community volunteer service. Master Gardeners always volunteer his or her services to enhance the horticultural education of their local communities. The first Master Gardener program offering in San Jacinto County was held in the fall of 2010 with 25 interns in attendance.

The San Jacinto County Master Gardeners cadre (those who had completed their educational and volunteer hours) began its service with its organizational meeting November 10, 2010. “A Plan for Success” developed by the inaugural 25 paid members included the establishment of a Mission Statement, By-laws and Policy and Procedures and a web-site.

Since 2010, four other Texas Master Gardener classes have occurred.  First one in 2011, second one in 2013 with 20 new trainees, third one in 2016 with 10 trainees and most recently the fourth one in 2018 with 17 trainees. These classes provide educated volunteers to serve as the SJCMG cadre.   Each year, the SJCMG assist the San Jacinto County Extension Office with providing educational programming and service, including Ag in the Classroom.