About Us

The heart of the San Jacinto County Master Gardener programs is its volunteers. The members are dedicated and very passionate about their service to the community in the area of gardening. All the SJCMGs are always willing to share knowledge and expertise with all who are interested in learning.

Plant Sales and Hand-Made Quilts

… are integral parts of the fund raising projects of the SJC Master Gardeners.  Each year the Master Gardeners offer unique items for sale to the Community.  From Poinsettias in year one to orchids, citrus, unique annuals and perennials to the annual Bulb Mart and Symposium.  Patrons of the county not only receive live plants to grow and nurture, but also receive knowledge and instructions on how to care for the plants. Beautiful handmade quilts have also been offered to the community through ticket chances for three years.

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