Edith Pewitt – Tarrant County






Master Gardener 2000-2010

Edith joined Master Gardeners in 2000 and immediately became an active member assisting the Speaker Bureau Chairman before finishing her intern year.  She later took over as Chairman of the Speakers Bureau, holding that position for 6 years and she has served on the Project Committee, Education Committee and the Advisory Board of TCMGA. The community colleges in the area were looking to extend a series of horticulture classes in their Senior Education Program, and Edith helped to develop and co-ordinate the programs at all 4 of their campuses.

Edith has also assisted with the design of butterfly and native plant gardens at local schools and even propagated many of the plants used in the gardens.  She opens her home garden (wildscaping in the shade) for field trips and educational classes.  Teaching and sharing her knowledge by developing new programs, training new speakers, working with interns or children of all ages, has been her passion. Numerous articles have featured her involvement with Master Gardeners and other horticulture organizations and her ability to do it all even with limited mobility.

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