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Next CHES Meeting

The Community Educational Horticulture Sessions have been suspended for the summer, but go ahead and mark your calendar for the second Monday in September, the 11th. Shirley Smith and Donna Hagar will present a program on Building a Rain Barrel and Harvesting Rain Water. Have a safe and wonderful summer.  Enjoy your garden!

CHES – Monday, May 8th

This Monday, May 8th, the CHES program will be on Water Well Conservation, including understanding your well and touring a mock well.                              Karen Siddall is bringing a demonstration trailer with a mock well, so people can understand                              the different water table levels and the types of soil and rock we are dealing with here.              … Read More →

No CHES Meeting until February

There will be no CHES meeting in December – a very busy month for all of us. In January,  the weather often presents some dangerous driving conditions, so we have decided to wait until February to have our next CHES meeting.   Yes, we know about February weather, but it’s not usually as “iffy” as January, so we’re going to risk it.  Christine Morgan has a great program lined up for us on February 8th at 6:30. Please put this on your calendar.

Next CHES Meeting, November 14th

Common Invasive Species on Rangeland Characteristics, Management and Control Are you overlooking a sea of cedar on your property? Wondering what to do about Johnson Grass?  Join us on Monday, November 14th to meet our local Natural Resources Conservation Service’s District Conservationist Bill O’Quin.  This will be the second time Bill has visited our chapter, and we are excited to have him back with us!  Save time for questions and answers, as he also has management grants available for landowners, and is himself a wealth of information!  

Next CHES Meeting, Rainwater Harvesting, October 10th

Presented by Zach Davis, Somervell County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources Water? It’s an issue that people don’t want to think about, but it’s something we all need. We know our water supply is limited and it’s something that is not going to get a whole lot better. As society moves forward we need to find ways to conserve as much as we can.  A simple solution that will continue to be important in the future is Rainwater Harvesting. Rainwater Harvesting reduces the demand on our existing… Read More →

Next CHES Meeting, September 12th

Community Horticultural Education Series September 12, 2016, 6:30 pm Citizens Center, 209 SW Barnard Glen Rose, Texas Fall Vegetable Gardens – What and When to Plant Presented by Dr. Christine Morgan,  ND, PSc.D.,   Master Gardener and Vegetable Specialist  Program is open to the public and free of charge

Next CHES Meeting, June 13th

Gourds…Creative Art and Birdhouses and…How to Grow Them Come hear Cindy Lear and Nancy Walsh, Lake Granbury Master Gardeners and gourd artists speak about the different types of gourds, learn how to have success growing them in our area, and use them for creative purposes. They have a wonderful PowerPoint presentation to share with us. Cindy is a retired teacher, stained glass artist, and a gourd artist for the past three years.  She is also the team leader for the Lake Granbury Master Gardener community education programs. Nancy… Read More →

Next CHES Meeting, May 9th, Interactive Gardening/the Garden Loom

  You are invited to attend the next Community Horticultural Educational Series (CHES) meeting on Monday, May 9th, at 6:30 pm, at the Community Center in Glen Rose, 209 SW Barnard.  Pat Kreiner will entertain and educate us on the subject of Interactive Gardening, highlighting the Garden Loom.  We are looking forward to an evening of learning and laughter!  The public is invited at no charge. Pat Kreiner lives on a 2 acre mini-farm called Wildwood Cottage with her husband David & son John where she gardens, raises… Read More →


Can we save our oaks from oak wilt? There are not many things more heartbreaking for Texans than to watch our mighty oaks succumb to Oak Wilt.  There are several things we can do to prevent the spread of oak wilt and keep oaks as part of our local landscape. Rachel McGregor, Texas Forestry Service’s Oak Wilt expert for our region will introduce us to Oak Wilt, including prevention, identification and disease management (when to prune, how it spreads and options for stopping the spread) at our Monday… Read More →

CHES Program Monday, February 8th

Community Horticultural Education Series Presented by Somervell County Master Gardeners  Everyone is invited.  Program begins at 6:30 pm at the Citizens Center, 209 SW Barnard, Glen Rose. Featuring Dr. Christine Morgan, who will share her knowledge on “The Importance of Greens in the Diet and How to Grow Them” This will be a discussion about the importance of green leaf vegetables in the diet. For thousands of years it made up 45-60% of the daily diet of humans. The availability of plant nutrition in leaves is unequal to… Read More →