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The Master Gardeners of Somervell County are volunteers who work with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to improve gardening skills throughout the community. Program objectives are implemented through the training of local volunteers known as Master Gardeners. We collaborate with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to conduct youth and community education; establish and maintain demonstration gardens; and provide a speakers bureau.

We work with special audiences in the community (4-H horticultural clubs, Junior Master Gardener groups, schools, and others) for youth and community outreach of a horticultural nature. We recruit and educate new Master Gardener candidates for effective volunteering.

Somervell County Master Gardeners Association was chartered in 2001 with 6 members. Each odd year since that time, we have slowly added to our ranks.

Meet the 2016-2017 SCMGA Officers


Julie Conner

After a great time as SCMGA President the last two years, Julie will be serving in that capacity once again. Some of her favorite plants include Moonflowers and Iris, and she’s a great teacher when it comes to planting and landscaping with trees. Julie is highly involved in our Community Horticulture Education Sessions (CHES), so come check it out the second Monday of the month at the Citizens Center at 6:30.


Linda Heideman
Vice President

Once again, Linda is serving at the Vice President of the SCMGA. Linda is both a gardening and bird enthusiast, and one of her favorite plants is the Poinsettia. Her Master Gardener interests include vegetable gardening, native plants, working with children, roses, and photography. Linda is the mastermind behind our monthly newsletter, so check out the recent posts or subscribe for monthly deliveries to your inbox.


MerilynMerilyn Cranford

Merilyn is serving a second term as the SCMGA secretary, who faithfully keeps the minutes for our monthly meetings. She has been a Master Gardener since 2007, but she has been gardening since her childhood. Having lived in many areas of Texas, Merilyn has learned firsthand how to make the most of the varying climates as a gardener. She is an avid grower of vegetables, flowers, and herbs, and she loves the idea of leaving a legacy of gardening to the next generation. 


Donna Hagar

Donna spent the last year serving as the President of the Texas Master Gardener Association, and she couldn’t have represented Somervell County better. Now that she has passed on that torch, she is stepping into the role of the SCMGA treasurer. One of her favorite plants is the American BeautyBerry, and her interests include native plants, rainwater harvesting, and vegetable gardening. 


Mary Ann Steele

This year, Mary Ann will be serving as the SCMGA historian. Mary Ann is a brand new Master Gardener Intern, but she is a Somervell County native. She has been gardening in the area for years, and she enjoys both vegetable gardening and flowers. You might see Mary Ann working in the Extension Office flower beds to earn her volunteer hours or taking photos of local Master Gardener events around town. 


ZachZach Davis
County Extension Agent

Zach is the Somervell County Extension Agent. He works tirelessly to help the Master Gardeners succeed, and we couldn’t do it without him!





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