IDEA Garden

The Tyler Rose Garden is well known throughout the nation. The IDEA Garden is located in the Southeast corner of that garden with the goal to inspire the visitor to “Innovate, Demonstrate, Educate & Apply” good gardening practices.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Garden Brochures

The IDEA Garden brochure provides information about the garden and what to expect when you visit the garden. Check it out – IDEA Garden brochure  For further helpful information check out the following brochures: Butterfly Garden Brochure – Crape Myrtle Brochure – Miracle Mulch Brochure – Build Compost Bin Brochure – Irrigation Brochure – Waterwise Brochure Any of these brochures may be downloaded and printed for future reference.

View the IDEA Garden month by month

The garden is beautiful at any time of the year. Simply click the link above and enjoy the pictures.

Photos by Keith Hansen

The IDEA Garden is a an official Monarch Watch Waystation, certified on July 13, 2006.

Texas Superstars in the IDEA Garden

Texas SuperstarTexas Superstars plants found in the garden include: Coleus Plum Parfait and Burgundy Sun, Texas Gold Columbine, Gold Star Esperanza, Hamelia Firebush, Flare Hibiscus, New Gold Lantana, Purple Trailing Lantana, John Fanick Phlox, Imperial Blue Plumbago, Shantung Maple, Warren’s Red Possumhaw (Deciduous Holly), Tidal Wave Cherry and Silver petunias, Laura Bush petunia, Dwarf Ruellia, Belinda’s Dream rose, Marie Daly rose, Mexican Bush Sage, Henry Duelburg Salvia, and Variegated Tapioca. Visit the Texas Superstars site to see the entire list of the stars.

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