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The MG Grapevine is published monthly as the newsletter for the Smith County Master Gardener Association. In addition to the members of the association, the Grapevine is mailed to others in the community.

The MG Grapevine has been published and mailed since the beginning of the MG program in Smith County. In June 2001 the first e-mail version was sent out to a select few members and it continues to be sent to an ever growing list monthly, in addition to being posted on the web at the SCMG site and the Texas MG site as well.

MG Grapevine newsletter May 2019

First Issue of the Grapevine

The very first issue of the Smith County Master Gardener newsletter was published in October 1994. The first editor was Keith Hansen and he remained editor until Fran Cooper took over with the March 1995 issue. With the February 1997 issue Martin Davis became co-editor with Fran. Martin became the 3rd editor with the January 1998 issue and continues in that capacity today. The masthead using the grapes and vines was first used on the March 1995 issue and remains in use, with minor changes, today. To read the  first issue of the newsletter click  MG Grapevine October 1994

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