Rosa Schachle – Dallas County





Master Gardener 1997-2010 (deceased)

Rosa may have come to our Master Gardener Association late in life—she was almost 70 as an intern—yet she made many contributions both to Texas AgriLife Extension and the Texas Master Gardener program.  In fact, Rosa could be considered a “Master Gardener” long before the program even existed.Born into a large family during lean times, Rosa was an Oklahoma farm girl who loved the land and loved teaching others how to coax beauty, flavor and sustenance from the soil.

Her Dallas home garden, which covered most of a corner lot, was the site of a continuous learning lab for fellow Master Gardeners, neighbors and passers-by. That garden produced fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables, and was a testing ground for new varieties and cultivars. Rosa was active in the DCMG Speakers’ Bureau, generously sharing her knowledge and training. She was awarded “Speaker of the Year” a short time ago. Before the days of e-newsletters, Rosa patiently helped to copy and assemble and mail our newsletter. She delighted in spearheading First Day Luncheons—no small feat to fill the stomachs of so many hungry Master Gardeners. She retained a youthful attitude toward learning horticulture skills and teaching the next generation of gardeners.

Sadly, Rosa has had to retire from “active duty” in the Dallas County Master Gardeners.

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