Jan Shannon – Nueces County





Master Gardener 1992-2009

Jan Shannon attended the second Master Gardener class held in Nueces County in 1992. She was forced into a brief hiatus after a heart attack in 1994 but continued as a MG. She currently has 4243.75 volunteer hours with 218 of them being this year.
Activities for the past 17 years:

  • Instrumental in the early & visible Master Gardener beautification projects in Nueces County
  • Master Gardener Speakers bureau
  • Teaches MG intern classes on Rose Care and Internet Resources
  • Volunteer hours committee chairman
  • Organizing Master Gardener “Tip of the Week” for Corpus Christi Caller Times
  • Reorganizing and coordinating Master Gardener help line
  • Member of Nueces County Extension Horticultural Advisory Committee as Nueces MG representative
  • Spring and Fall Home and Garden Show regular Q&A volunteer
  • Member of Nueces County Leadership Advisory Board as Nueces MG representative
  • Member and current Treasurer of Nueces Leadership Advisory Board as Nueces MG representative
  • Serves as Vice President of S. TX Botanical Gardens and Nature Center in the capacity of Nueces MG representative
  • Devised the mentor program to provide direct access for MG interns with an experienced MG
  • Created the GEM (Going the Extra Mile) award given annually to a Nueces MG volunteer who exemplifies the best the program has to offer
  • Frequent instructor for several adjacent county MG programs
  • Well-versed in entomology, propagation, vegetable gardening, IPM and gives numerous lecture series on those topics along with short programs in plant identification, safe pesticide spraying habits and native landscaping
  • Corpus Christi Area Garden Council chair of Horticulture exhibits at the annual flower show as a Nueces MG representative
  • Spends numerous volunteer hours at the Extension Office assisting the Horticulture agent
  • While serving as State President of TMG, was instrumental in upgrading the state awards procedures


  • Received the Golden Trowel (100+ hours per year) award since inception
  • G.E.M. (Going the Extra Mile Award) 2004 by NMGA
  • Received 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 NMG hours badges

Local and State Offices held:

  • Nueces County Vice-President 2003
  • Nueces County President Elect 2007
  • Nueces County President 2008
  • Nueces County Ex-Officio 2009
  • Member of Nueces County Finance Committee 2008-2009
  • Texas Master Gardener 2nd Vice President 2004
  • Texas Master Gardener 1st Vice President 2005
  • Texas Master Gardener President 2006
  • Texas Master Gardener Past President 2007
  • Co-Chair State Master Gardener Convention 2004

Specialist Training:

  • Texas Master Gardener Entomology Specialist 2003

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