Jerrold A. Johnsen – Dallas County

Jerrold A. Johnsen-1


Master Gardener 1986 – 2012 (deceased)

Mr. Johnsen served as first President of our local Association, as a volunteer, valued member of DCMGA and treasured resource, Jerrold has served as an inspiration to students, Interns and Certified Master Gardeners. From the beginning, Jerrold served as our historian and primary photographer, collecting photographs with written data into notebooks.

For his work from 1986 – 2012, he was recognized with the Association’s 1st Lifetime Achievement Award and joins other Past Presidents in the Past Presidents’ Circle.  The Lifetime Achievement Award was given in recognition of Jerrold’s achievements and contributions to the Master Gardener program. As part of this recognition of volunteer service and with generous donations from members, child size sculptural butterfly benches have been placed at Texas Discovery Gardens Master Gardeners’ garden – 2nd garden installation.

Mr. Johnsen’s activities have diminished in the last year, and he is now inactive.  Previously he attended a wide variety of annual activities to ensure there were photographs of our members and their projects and other activities, including:  Training Schools for new students, Monthly Membership Meetings, Home & Garden Show (public outreach), Community Projects (community gardens and working with students), mentor gatherings for new classes, 2010 TMGA State Conference in Dallas and a much longer list of activities.

Highly regarded by our membership, Jerrold has worked well with individual volunteers, within groups of Master Gardeners, and with Dallas County CEA and Extension.  In his earlier membership years, he worked as a volunteer in a school garden Community Project, during the years the project was active.

By his participation in activities throughout the county and the use of current and historical photographs, DCMGA is able to tell the story of what DCMG’s and Extension continue to do to benefit county communities. By volunteering his service as the official photographer of out association, Jerrold provided promotional material that will continue to help DCMG’s serve heir goals in promoting out efforts to the greater Dallas County population.


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