Godfrey, Marty & Patty – Comal County

One could almost say that Patty was a Comal Master Gardener before there was such a designation because of her efforts as a founding member.  She was a Master Gardener from Harris County (Class 1995) who upon moving to Comal County “answered the call” to help found, organize, and get a master gardener program started in Comal County. She was a part of a small team that helped plan what would become the Comal Master Gardeners Association. The first class was then organized by the County Ag Agent and a team of what would be master gardener founding members, Patty among them. When the first CMG class graduated in 1998, Patty was appointed as the organization’s first vice-president, placing her in direct charge of what would be the first class sponsored by the newly established organization and its members; this would in actuality, be Class #2 that she would be responsible for. Because the first president resigned before even the first meeting, Patty was then called upon to also serve as president, besides being the vice-president in charge of the class. Thus, she had the responsibility of guiding the organization during its first year, establishing its programs and starting to create a vision for the organization as well as its reason for being, and simultaneously developing the curriculum for the first class and leading it. She was then, in fact, the first president of the Comal Master Gardener Association. Because of her efforts and those of others helping her, this organization survived its first year, and went on to prosper.

During her tenure as president the first volunteer programs and committees were started and established. She chaired the bylaws committee her first year, thus providing the organization with its initial bylaws; she served on the bylaws committee for many years, giving it her experience and insight. She chaired the annual Herb Affair at the Rose Emporium for a couple of years and went on to be in charge of ambiance at the Affair for several more years. She led a group to plan and establish the herb garden at the Extension Office and served as its chair for several years.  She served several terms as a Co-Chair of the Volunteer Service Committee.

Marty was in the second class of CMG. Together he and Patty worked at the then existing volunteer committee at the Museum of Handmade Furniture Gardens, the New Life Butterfly Gardens, and the Extension Office Herb Garden. Both hosted Master Gardener Meetings at their home, with Patty organizing herb programs and Marty presenting a trellis workshop. Both also presented programs for the Herb SIG.

Patty was all about working together as a team, and that was the spirit she hoped to imbue in the new and growing organization. Indeed, the organization came together as a team to help the Godfreys cleanup after their home was destroyed by the 2002 flood. Patty and Marty moved to Katy soon thereafter in 2003, but they maintained their membership in CMG, fulfilling all their yearly requirements even though they no longer lived in the area. When they moved back to their new Comal home in 2006, they once again became more active in the organization.

Patty and Marty hosted the CMG classes at their home for seven years with a program on herbs. Patty organized the programs, and Marty supervised the entire setup.

Patty and Marty have made an invaluable contribution to CMG through their work, dedication, organization, and motivation. They both have cared deeply for the organization and for its well-being. They made a commitment to the organization, and they never took this commitment lightly. Not only have they provided us with service, but they have inspired us and given us some great memories. Those who worked with them became their friends. Students from seven classes have fond memories of their class days at the Godfrey’s home. CMG owes Patty and Marty a debt of gratitude for all that they have done. Indeed, much of who we are as an organization comes from their efforts. Patty and Marty are the first husband and wife couple to be so honored.

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