Dr. Charles Andrews – Hood County





Master Gardener 1997-2007

Dr. Charles Andrews became a certified Master Gardener in 1997 after completing his training and 50 hours of volunteer services. Being a native of Hood County and a graduate of Granbury High School, he has committed many hours of community service in Hood County. In 1997, Dr Andrews played an important committee role by sharing his expertise in the development and design for the Hood County Library Landscape project. He was Chairman and instrumental in the planning, design and construction of the first Demonstration Garden in 1998. Educational programs arranged by Dr. Andrews enhanced workdays. Dr. Andrews has been an active participant in all pecan shows since 1997, winning awards each year for his entries. In 1999, Dr. Andrews collected and identified many different varieties of pecans and created the “Pecan Identification Board” for the Hood County Extension Office. The 2001 Fall Garden Tour featured Dr. Andrews’ personal garden, highlighting the square-foot gardening technique.

As a principal participate on the Demonstration Garden Project Committee in 2003, Dr. Andrews oversaw the tomato trial beds. Through his expertise in vegetable gardening, we received valuable
data about which tomatoes grow best in Hood County. In 2004, Dr. Andrews served as Chairman on the Hood County Master Gardeners Budget Committee. Through his planning and guidance, Hood County Master Gardeners enjoyed a very profitable year. He regularly participated in the annual Hood County Horticulture Committee’s Fruit and Vegetable show, winning several awards each year.
While visiting Holland, Dr. Andrews took pictures of the many native species of tulips and prepared a very comprehensive slide presentation of his research. He readily shared his knowledge of tulips by making presentations to several civic and community organizations. His tireless commitment in sharing his vast gardening knowledge through the Speakers Bureau helped educate the Hood County Master Gardeners, the Extension Service and the community. He spoke on many topics such as Wildflowers, Organic Gardening, Vegetable/Herb Gardening, Pecan/Oak Trees; Tulips, Composting and Vermicomposting.

Dr. Andrews has been a valuable asset to our association by recruiting future members into the Master Gardener program. He has volunteered on many occasions to work in the extension office and answer questions from the community. In 2003, the Hood County Master Gardeners recognized Dr. Andrews for his contributions and as the true practitioner of organic principles. Dr Andrews received The Master Gardener of the Month Award for September 2004 in recognition of his exemplary service. Dr. Charles Andrews’ contributions, commitment, and knowledge in gardening have truly been a noteworthy accomplishment for the Master Gardening program, the Extension Office and to the community of Hood County. Dr. Charles Andrews is truly deserving of the Emeritus status.

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