Comal County Gardening Guide



Comal Master Gardeners conceived and produced this 156-page Comal County Gardening Guide to help residents of Comal County (and others with similar growing conditions) enjoy and increase the chances for success in their gardens. A few categories of the many topics covered in this book include –

  • Monthly To-Do Lists – lawn care, tree and shrub care, annuals/perennials, vegetable gardens, pest watch and treatment
  • Attracting Wildlife, Deer Resistant Plants, Firewise Landscaping
  • Drought Tolerant Plants, Shade Tolerant Plants, Power of Herbs
  • Container, Vegetable, and Raised Bed Gardening

Comal County Gardening Guide ($20.00) is sold at various community events by Comal Master Gardeners.

Comal County Gardening Guide ($25.00) is available by mail. Send a completed mail order form with a check made out for $25 ($20 cost + $5 for mailing) to CMG – CCGG, 325 Resource Drive, New Braunfels, TX 78132

Comal County Gardening Guide is available for purchase at these retail businesses –


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