Application & Certification

The next certification classes will begin in January 4, 2017. Classes will be held at the Bell County Extension Office each Wednesday between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm from January to May. The Bell County Extension Office is located at:

1605 N. Main St. (adjacent to the Scott & White Clinic on FM 317)
Belton ,TX 76513

phone 254-933-5305
fax 254-933-5312

If you are interested in participating please fill out application & backround check forms (download PDF below) which includes questions about:

* your gardening experience

* your area(s) of interest

* your availability and willingness to give back to the community through participation in education and volunteer programs

The class is limited and seats will be awarded to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a class fee which includes:

* travel expenses for the speakers

* bus fees

* admission fees to various gardens

* master gardener handbook and landscaping kit

* required backround check

Please call or email the Bell County Extension Office for further details.

Class Application

New Class Application 08-02-16gc

Background Check Form 01-20-2016 (Background check)

Texas Master Gardener Certification

Only individuals trained in the Texas Master Gardener program are allowed to use the Texas Master Gardener title. This title is for use in assisting the Texas AgriLife Extension. The Master Gardener program is broken up into two title certifications, Master Gardener Intern and Master Gardener. The following topics outline the information you need to know about the certification process:

* minimum of 64 hours of instruction

* minimum of 50 hours of service

* pass an examination administered by Extension

Master Gardener

After completing the Master Gardener Intern certification, the Intern must meet the following requirements to earn the Master Gardener certification has a maximum of one year to complete a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service.

Master Gardener trainees, Interns, and Master Gardeners are encouraged to participate in local Master Gardener association groups and to attend State/Regional Master Gardener conferences.

Master Gardener Intern

A Master Gardener trainee must meet the following requirements to earn the Master Gardener Intern certification:

* Master Gardener Intern

* Master Gardener

* Master Gardener Re-certification

*When to use the Master Gardener Title

Master Gardener Re-certification

In order to retain the Texas Master Gardener title in Bell County, individuals are required each year to participate in a minimum of 6 hours of recertification training (education) and provide an  additional 12 hours of volunteer service through the local Extension office.

BCMGA Reinstatement Process and Form

Transfer of Membership Process Into REV1

When to use the Master Gardener Title

The Texas Master Gardener Title is to be used only when doing unpaid volunteer work in this program. However, when Texas Master Gardeners speak before groups on horticultural subjects it is  permissible for them to accept unsolicited reimbursements or gifts. It is recommended that Master Gardeners and Interns alike wear their Master Gardener badge to their service project.

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