• Demonstration Rose Garden
    Rose Garden Area
  • drought tolerant garden
    Drought Tolerant Garden Area
  • Demonstration Row Garden
    Vegetable Row Garden Area
  • Raised Bed Garden Area
    Vegetable Raised Bed Garden Area

Demonstration Gardens

Be sure to come and see our Demonstration Gardens at the Extension Office.  Master Gardeners are usually working in the vegetable garden area on Tuesday and Friday from 9-12 (weather permitting) and are available to answer questions. Our demonstration gardens include a raised bed and row vegetable garden area, a rose garden, drought tolerant garden, herb garden, fruit tree area with various fruit trees and a keyhole garden under construction. We have a trial project going on involving different types/brands of compost and 2 trials sponsored through Texas A&M involving Earth Kind techniques for vegetables and herbs.

What is a Master Gardener?

Master Gardeners are members of the local community who take an active interest in their lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens. What sets Master Gardeners apart from other home gardeners is their special training in horticulture. Training is provided by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service through the local Extension office in Georgetown. Interested in becoming Master Gardener? Click HERE for information on the 2015 Master Gardener Training in Georgetown.

Demonstration Garden Blog


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