National Earth-Kind Rose Trial

The Cameron County Master Gardeners are actively participating on a research based Earth-Kind Rose Trail. The National Earth-Kind Rose Research Study is the leader of environmental rose research for the entire country. This rose research is part of a program that currently includes four countries, 27 states and 7 universities. The goal of the rose research is to identify a collection of roses that will grow across the country, with cultural environmentally practices. The 1040 ft of five rose cultivars will be located at the Cameron County Master Gardener Arboretum, San Benito. The planting was done in October 2011. The rose research will be conducted for 3 years. The Cameron County Master Gardeners planted black-eyed peas as a cover crop to enhance nitrogen soil levels and reduce nutrient losses in the  spring of 2011.

An educational program was organized and took place on Thursday, July 12, 2011 for Cameron County youth. This educational program  included a Butterfly Garden Tour, Native Plant Garden, Composting Tour, Hands-on Harvesting and Shelling of the black eyed peas. Texas Department of State Health Services Regional Nutritionist, Diana Garcia presented the nutritional value of Black-eyed peas and Texas Agrilife Extension Agent- Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Beatriz Rodriguez-Loya did a presentation on healthy eating with Black-eyed peas, creating foods they enjoyed eating.

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