Horticulture Links

General Information

Texas A&M System “Aggie Horticulture” Home Page
From here, you can go to many helpful gardening sites.
Texas Aggie Earthkind Publications
Texas A&M System “Organic Lifestyles”
This website focuses on the safe and conditioned use of organic practices and products in the urban landscape.
This page tells you when to plant vegetables for Spring or Fall Gardens
Randy’s Tip Sheets
Randy Lemmon’s Tip Sheets provide useful information. You can also subscribe to Randy’s Weekly E-mail Tip of the Week.
Randy’s Archive E-mail Tips of the Week
An archive of past E-mail Tips of the Week going back to 2002.
The Helpful Gardener
The Helpful Gardener website has many helpful hints that are helpful for the garden, including a helpful search engine for both the site and the web and a helpful Garden Forum with many helpful people waiting to answer your gardening questions.
Urban Harvest – Houston
Urban Harvest is a local charitable organization supporting a network of urban gardens, farms and orchards that inspire and empower people of diverse backgrounds to grow food in the city. The site contains many helpful links.
Texas Garden Soils (No webpage)
A local supplier for mixed soils, sand, mulch and compost, located near the Brazoria County Landfill on FM 523. They are a big supporter of the Master Gardeners program and are easy to find as they have an Angleton phone number, a Clute mailing address and a Freeport street address.
Phone: 979-848-2282 Address: 9306 FM 523, Freeport, TX 77541
Nelson Water Gardens & Nursery
Nelsons Water Gardens & Nursery is a retail garden center in the Houston area that specializes in water gardening.
Texas Smart
Texas SmartScape® is an interactive how-to-guide that teaches concepts of landscaping with native and adapted plants. This program will show you how to conserve water, protect the environment, and beautify your home.
Although this site contains customized SmartScape information specifically for the climates of the North Central Texas and West Texas regions, some of the information may be applicable to the Brazoria County area.
Texas Superstars
Information and links to Texas SuperstarTM Plants, Selecting SuperstarsTM, Growing Tips and Trial Gardens,
Search for Wholesalers, Search for Retailers, Press Photo Archive and Aggie Horticulture.
The Texas A&M University Turfgrass Program
Welcome To AggieTurf – “A Place to find answers and solutions to your turfgrass questions”
Insects In The City
From AgriLIFE Extension – Got bugs? Insects in the City is where you can learn more about common insects found around your home and landscape. Termites and fire ants, white grubs and aphids…if it’s an insect pest, we’ll try to provide you with the best in science-based, pest management solutions.
Fire Ants
Welcome to the Texas Imported Fire Ant Research and Management Project.
This website provides research-based information to anyone looking for ways to help manage fire ants. It also serves as a resource for research progress at Texas AgriLife Research and collaborating institutions funded through the project.

Citrus Information

A paper writtem by Julian W. Sauls, Ph.D., Professor & Extension Horticulturist, Texas AgriLife Extension. The paper contains many links to citrus information.
The Citrus Page by John Panzarella
Almost everything you wanted to know about citrus and other fruit by John Panzarella.

Vegetable Information

Brazoria County Vegetable Guide

Vegetable variety recommendations suitable for Brazoria County from Brazoria County Master Gardeners.
2012 Vegetable Varieties

Brazos County Vegetable Guide

Vegetable variety recommendations suitable for Brazos County from Joe Masabni, Ph.D., Vegetable Extension Specialist, TAMU.

Brazos County Vegetable Planting Guide

Vegetable planting recommendations suitable for Brazos County from Joe Masabni, Ph.D., Vegetable Extension Specialist, TAMU.

Montgomery County Vegetable Variety Guide

Vegetable variety recommendations suitable for Brazos County from Joe Masabni, Ph.D., Vegetable Extension Specialist, TAMU.

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