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Meet Our Newest Master Gardener: BETH WILLIS

What is a Master Gardener?

Brazoria County Master Gardeners are volunteers who work with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to improve gardening skills throughout the community. We share our gardening knowledge through community service and outreach, gardener training and educational programs.

Times are exciting for the Brazoria County Master Gardeners Association (BCMGA). Since our first Master Gardener Training Class held in 1995, we continue to grow stronger. Our Speakers Bureau offers gardening programs to civic groups, garden club and the general public. We are developing our Demonstration and Plant Trial Gardens. Our Spring Plant and Fruit Tree Sales keep getting bigger and better.


Other New Brazoria County Master Gardeners

Congrats to Pam Stephens and Patricia Blair!

(pictured here with Brazoria County Master Gardener Rose Wagner)


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