Summer Pruning Fruit Trees

Summer pruning fruit trees is a must to maintain tree health and promote next year’s production. Join Texas Master Gardener Robert Marshall and Extension Horticulture Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff to learn best methods for pruning peach, pear and plum. Included is a review of fruit tree species growth and habit, open center versus central leader pruning,... Read More →

Plumeria Propagation Workshop

Galveston County Master Gardener Loretta Osteen will lead a hands-on workshop demonstrating the propagation methods for Plumeria from cuttings and seeds. You'll also learn how to make a Hawaiian Lei with Plumeria blooms. ***NOTE LOCATION: Master Gardener Discovery Garden in Carbide Park, 4102 Main St (FM519), La Marque, 77568*** Registration is closed as we have... Read More →

Arranging Fresh & Artificial Flowers – Gulf Coast Gardening seminar

Galveston County Master Gardener Jackie Auer will demonstrate and explain the basic techniques of fresh and artificial flower arranging. She has produced arrangements for the retail market, as well as for individuals. ***ATTENDEES ARE ASKED TO BRING A VASE AND CHOICE OF ARTIFICIAL OR FRESH FLOWERS FOR HANDS-ON ARRANGING*** To register and for more information:... Read More →

Fabulous Figs! – Gulf Coast Gardening seminar

Join Horticulture Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff for a presentation exploring fig culture in Galveston County. We will cover the rich history of fig production in our county, discover growth habit, fruiting, varieties and maintenance. We will visit our Discovery Garden Orchard to check out our collection of figs, and if the fruit is willing we’ll sample... Read More →

Growing Upwards: Vertical Gardening

Galveston County Master Gardener Kevin Lancon will explore benefits of vertical gardening. Kevin will discuss different structures and systems just right for limited space, veggie varieties that climb to the top of the list, and best approach for getting started. Registration is required. To register and for more information: If special program accommodations by... Read More →

Onions and Garlic – Gulf Coast Gardening Series

Galveston County Master Gardener Kevin Lancon will highlight best practices successfully growing bulb onions, garlic, leek, and multiplier shallots. Kevin will share his experience perfecting the art of growing onions and garlic. Registration is required. To register and for more information: If special program accommodations by participants are needed, please contact the Extension Office... Read More →

Herbs for the Gulf Coast Garden 2022

Galveston County Master Gardeners Briana Etie & Nancy Langston-Noh will present hands on demonstrations in propagation techniques and make tussie mussies. They will also share herb uses, preservation techniques and tips for growing herbs in our Gulf Coast Gardens. Registration required. *Registration is limited 35 participates* Click here to register for the workshop   If... Read More →

Bakcyard Citrus – Gulf Coast Gardening Series Seminar

Galveston County Master Gardener and citrus expert Robert Marshall’s presentation will feature citrus tree varieties for our area, rootstocks, nutrients, disease (citrus canker and citrus greening), insect problems, control of birds and critters, and freeze protection. Registration is required. To register and for more information: If special program accommodations by participants are needed, please... Read More →

Growing Tomatoes from Seed – Gulf Coast Gardening Seminar

          Do you want to learn how to grow great tomatoes? This is the first in a series of three programs presented by Galveston County Master Gardener Ira Gervais learning all how to grow great tomatoes in Galveston County. Part 1 will cover growing tomatoes from seeds, where to obtain seeds... Read More →

Urban Orchard Series: Wedge Grafting

Galveston County AgriLife Extension office 4102-B Main St, La Marque, TX, United States

Galveston County Master Gardeners Hazel Lampton, Debbie Espinosa and Herman Auer will discuss the how, when, & why of wedge, whip and tongue, and chip bud methods of grafting. This hands-on program will give you choices to graft stone fruit, pome and evergreen fruit trees. The possibilities are endless when you know how to graft... Read More →