Galveston County Home Orchard Tour

Three fruit orchards are on the tour this year. Vegetable gardens at each site will also be open. The tour sites contain a wide variety of fruit trees, ranging from a peach orchard in Dickinson, the Galveston County Master Gardener Discovery Garden Orchard in La Marque, and a sizeable home orchard in Santa Fe. Click... Read More →

Summer Pruning Fruit Trees

Summer pruning fruit trees is a must to maintain tree health and promote next year’s production. Join Texas Master Gardener Robert Marshall and Extension Horticulture Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff to learn best methods for pruning peach, pear and plum. Included is a review of fruit tree species growth and habit, open center versus central leader pruning,... Read More →

Growing Strawberries 2022

Presented by Galveston County Master Gardener Robert Marshall, we will explore the history of strawberries in our area and give you expert advice to help you successfully grow strawberries in Galveston County.  Marshall will include the correct time to plant, the best varieties for this area, and planting bare root vs plugs.  He will also... Read More →

Plumeria Propagation Workshop

Galveston County Master Gardener Loretta Osteen will lead a hands-on workshop demonstrating the propagation methods for Plumeria from cuttings and seeds. You'll also learn how to make a Hawaiian Lei with Plumeria blooms. ***NOTE LOCATION: Master Gardener Discovery Garden in Carbide Park, 4102 Main St (FM519), La Marque, 77568*** Registration is closed as we have... Read More →

Galveston County Master Gardener Sizzling Summer Sale

Plumeria, tropical hibiscus, Louisiana iris and select okra varieties will be available for purchase. Shop NOON TO NOON June 17 – June 18 online, browse online starting June 10! Curbside pick-ups will be scheduled for June 24. Visit the Galveston County Master Gardeners online store for more details:

Arranging Fresh & Artificial Flowers – Gulf Coast Gardening seminar

Galveston County Master Gardener Jackie Auer will demonstrate and explain the basic techniques of fresh and artificial flower arranging. She has produced arrangements for the retail market, as well as for individuals. ***ATTENDEES ARE ASKED TO BRING A VASE AND CHOICE OF ARTIFICIAL OR FRESH FLOWERS FOR HANDS-ON ARRANGING*** To register and for more information:... Read More →

Blackberry Culture – Gulf Coast Gardening seminar

Presented by Horticulture Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff, we will explore blackberry cultivation including varieties (thorned and thornless), growth habit and seasonal pruning, trellising systems and fertilization. You will learn about soil preparation and planting, as well as disease and pest management. Registration is required. To register and for more information: If special program accommodations by... Read More →

Fabulous Figs! – Gulf Coast Gardening seminar

Join Horticulture Agent Stephen Brueggerhoff for a presentation exploring fig culture in Galveston County. We will cover the rich history of fig production in our county, discover growth habit, fruiting, varieties and maintenance. We will visit our Discovery Garden Orchard to check out our collection of figs, and if the fruit is willing we’ll sample... Read More →

Growing Upwards: Vertical Gardening

Galveston County Master Gardener Kevin Lancon will explore benefits of vertical gardening. Kevin will discuss different structures and systems just right for limited space, veggie varieties that climb to the top of the list, and best approach for getting started. Registration is required. To register and for more information: If special program accommodations by... Read More →