Triangle Demonstration Garden




The Cameron Triangle Demonstration Garden was established by the first Master Gardener Class in 2005 and is located between the intersections of East 21st, East 22nd and Washington Streets.  It is located adjacent to schools and low cost housing.  The class received permission from the city to take over the planning, installing and maintenance of a garden to be built on the property.  The City of Cameron still provides the water and electricity as well as support for any major improvements.

 The Garden is divided into the wildscape, herb, rose, xeriscape and gazebo areas with each having it’s own characteristics. 

  • 2006- the Garden received State 2nd place in the projects category. That same year the first archway and gazebo were installed. 
  • 2007 -Wildscape area was awarded a title of Wildlife Habitat Demonstration Site by Texas Parks and Wildlife. 
  • 2010-Luminant donated two large pieces of petrified wood to enhance the wildscape . 
  • 2012-A granite marker, donated by Luckey monuments, was installed identifying the garden as being a Little River Basin Master Gardener project. 
  • 2014-In order to help deter vandalism, lighting was added to the landscape as well as the gazebo. This same year a large portion of the garden, the arbor and gazebo, rainwater collection barrel and the irrigation system were destroyed by truck crashing through garden at a high rate of speed.
  • 2015-Garden is restored and the 10th anniversary of the LRBMGA is celebrated with a rededication of the garden.


  For an educational tour, call the AgriLife Extension Office at 254-697-7045 or email






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