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The Texas Master Gardener Program is an educational volunteer organization which is part of Texas A&M University’s AgriLife Extension Service.  Master Gardener Programs are designed to increase the availability of horticultural information and extend horticultural projects throughout the community. The programs provide invaluable training and educational opportunities. Persons who become Master Gardeners contribute time as volunteers, working through their AgriLife Extension office to provide horticultural-related information in various ways to their communities.

The McLennan County Master Gardener program is one of 70 Master Gardener associations in Texas.


2019 Officers

2018 Officers

President: Mickey Page
Vice President: Tom Burr
Secretary: Melissa Rhoden
Treasurer: Jenny Dixon
Members-at-Large: Linda Baggett and Debbie Vanous


Join Us

McLennan County Master Gardener Association started in 1997 with 16 members, and we currently have over 100 members.

1999 members

1999 McLennan County Master Gardeners


McLennan County Master Gardener Association holds “intern” classes every two years.  Our next class begins in June of 2020.

If you have a serious interest in learning more about gardening and horticulture, and you have the time to attend the classroom and field trip training sessions, you should consider applying to join a Master Gardener Intern Class.
Members range in age from 20 to 80 years old.


Just tell us that you want to learn more about the program, and provide your name and contact information. We will invite you to attend an information briefing session to be held in the spring of the intern class year. Your expression of interest is not a commitment. You are simply asking for information about the program. We will invite you to the briefing session, where we will explain the program and answer your questions.


McLennan County Master Gardener Association is a unit of Texas Master Gardener Association, an IRS 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization. We are a voluntary auxiliary of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, and our advisor is the McLennan County Agriculture Extension Agent. Master Gardeners advise the public on lawn and garden issues and assist the County Agent. We are not a garden club and not a social club.

That said, we have a lot of fun while carrying out our volunteer responsibilities. It’s a great group of people whose shared interest is horticulture. In a word, it’s superb. The instructors are recognized experts in their fields of specialization. Interns receive classroom training and go on field trips that qualify for required training hours.  83 training hours are offered; completion of a minimum of 60 hours is required.

In exchange for training, participants are asked to volunteer time with County AgriLife Extension approved projects and events. After completion of the educational training, sixty hours of volunteer hours are required over a 15 month period in order to earn a certificate and title of “Texas Master Gardener.” Experienced Master Gardeners will tell you that earning that certificate is only the first step on a life-long learning process about gardening and horticulture.

The type of service done by Master Gardeners varies according to community needs, and the abilities and interests of the Master Gardeners.

For More Information

Additional information and application forms are available from

McLennan County Extension Office
420 N. 6th Street, Waco, TX  76701
Please download this application and letterMcLENNAN COUNTY MASTER GARDENER for more information regarding the upcoming MCMG Intern Class.

You may also learn more about the Texas Master Gardener Program here: Become a Texas Master Gardener


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