Welcome our new Master Gardeners. They have all completed their Internships and are now full-fledged Johnson County Master Gardeners.








Our Texas A&M Agrilife Viticulture Trial at Russell Farm is progressing wonderfully. We already have three plants with grapes (Muscadines), and the rest of the plants look strong and healthy. Thank you very much to our group of Johnson County Master Gardeners for all your hard work and dedication. OH, and thank you to the “Angel in the Vineyard” (Rosalyn’s 93 year old mother) for your hard work and sweet smile. Please come by and check out the Vineyard at Russell Farm Tuesday through Sunday (closed Monday).


Meet your County Extension Agent

Justin Taylor Hale

Extension Agent, Johnson County, Texas

A&M AgriLife Extension Service

1 N. Main STE# 309 Cleburne, TX 76003




October 15th, Johnson County Master Gardeners meeting will be at 2:00PM at McGregor Park in Cleburne. The program will be presented by Michele Eder of Wild Birds Unlimited, in Burleson. The program will be on Backyard Birds during the Winter. The public is invited, no charge. Please join us and get to know your local Master Gardeners.


For more information contact Master Gardener Elaine Bell at 817-309-8052.








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