Welcome to the Grimes County Master Gardeners!


2017 Master Gardener Training Class

“Eager”, “Enthusiastic”, “Fun-loving” –  are only a few words to describe our new class Trainees!  We are thrilled to have such a wonderful group of people taking the steps to join the Grimes County Master Gardeners – Texas Master Gardeners.  Stay tuned to more class adventures to follow!

A special thanks to our new Ag Extension Agent, Eric Zimmerman for his informational lecture and help in making this class come together.

The Master Gardeners of Grimes County are local volunteers in your community who work with the AgriLife Extension to increase the availability of horticultural information and improve your communities quality of life through various horticultural projects.

Have a gardening or horticulture question?

Grimes Master Gardener/intern volunteers are available to answer community gardening and horticultural questions – just call the Grimes County A&M AgriLife Extension Office, 203 Veterans Memorial Drive, Navasota, TX 77868 –                 (936) 873-3907.

Questions may also be sent by email. Click here to send your question (with photograph if applicable) email to: grimesmastergardeners@gmail.com

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