Who are the Master Gardeners?

We are your neighbors who love to garden, have extensive training, and want to share this environmentally responsible and sustainable knowledge with you. Master Gardeners are volunteers who answer horticultural questions from the public, speak to local groups, present monthly brown bag lectures, conduct workshops, create landscape designs for non-profits, work with youth at school gardens and write articles for local newspapers.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced pro, our goal is to help you with the latest and greatest science-based information on gardening for our unique environmental conditions.

What to plant?  Take a look at “In Our Coastal Gardens” under PUBLICATIONS AND RESOURCES at the top of the page.  This booklet is available free (thank you San Patricio Water District) at the AgriLife Extension Office and covers trees, shrubs, palms, tropicals, and even what not to plant.  If vegetables and herbs are your cup of tea, stop by our office, we’ve got a wall full of handouts on the when and how for our area.

When plants have problems.  Contact our help desk, either by phone or come in to the Agrilife Extension Office.  We have experienced gardeners available as well as printed articles on plant diseases, soil conditioning, insects, and all topics garden-related.  Bring in a sample of the problem (in a zip-locked bag) and we’ll put our best detectives to work on it.  We also come to you – request a visit from our “Tree Team” to sleuth out what ails your prized arboreal specimen.

Meet and learn from other gardeners.  Throughout the year we have talks by local and area experts.  Our monthly Brown Bag talks are one hour long at noon – take a break at lunch and find out what’s new and exciting.  Seminars are held at various times of the year and are a more in-depth look at timely topics.

Master Gardeners is a non-profit program of Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Services. Started at Washington State University in the early 1970s, the Master Gardeners program spread to Texas A&M University in 1978 and then to all 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces.  Currently, the program has almost 100,000 members who volunteer 5 million hours of service per year to their communities.  Master Gardeners is a federal and state non-profit program and depends totally on donations and fund-raising for its programs and activities.

Locally, the program is led by Ginger Easton Smith, County Extension Agent for Aransas County.  To join Master Gardeners, we offer a 3-month training course starting in August, with an Introduction & Registration session in mid-July.  Please contact the Extension Office, 892 Airport Road, Rockport, Texas, 78382, 361-790-0103, for more information.


Photo of Butterfly Mosaic

“I am so pleased the butterfly has found its home!  Spent lots of hours on it.

DJ Chilcoat and I originally made it (my hubby actually cut the design out of exterior plywood then DJ and I did the old mosaic.  (Unfortunately, that was in 2005-6 when I was in my mosaic “infancy” and I made a lot of mistakes in terms of adhesives/tiles/grout/sealers.)  We put it in the Children’s garden at Green Acres.

When the county decided to move the MG’s to the new site, I just couldn’t leave it to be demolished so took it home and kept it stored until I could redo it.  Took several months to do the new mosaic but got it finished.  I was concerned how well it would withstand the elements since the wood was over 10 years old. Then Harvey hit and it proved it could withstand most anything! ” said Jeanna Godfrey.

The butterfly was recently moved from Jeanna’s home to the flower bed in front of the AgriLife Office.  It is absolutely beautiful there.  Thank you Linda Frank, Chris McLester and Ray McLester for bringing it back to the gardens.

The landscape committee also recently purchased two water fountains thanks to a generous donation.  One of which has been placed in the bed with the mosaic and the other by the old patio in Coastal Oaks Garden.  Be sure to stop by and take a look at all our new and beautiful garden attractions.

Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardeners logo

Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardeners are volunteers who work with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service to improve gardening skills throughout the community. We share our gardening knowledge through community service and outreach, gardener training and educational programs.

Our Mission: Improving the lives of people, businesses, and communities across Texas and beyond through high-quality, relevant education.