MG Volunteer Opportunities

Master Gardener Volunteer Hour opportunities at the Williamson County Extension location

Master Gardener Volunteer Management System (VMS)   Check the “General Events” or “View All Events” calendars if you don’t see something you want in the other calendars.  Some volunteer opportunities will only show up on these two calendars.  Also, click on the “Projects” link in VMS for a name and description of current projects.  Volunteer opportunities working on projects don’t always get posted on the calendars.  Click on a desired project to find out more about the project, who the contact person is and to volunteer.

Help Desk  Click this link for Help Desk Volunteer Information

Vegetable Demonstration Gardens  Unless notified otherwise,  volunteers meet on Tuesday and Friday, usually from 9-12.  The vegetable demonstration garden area has a number of row and raised bed gardens, a keyhole garden, various kinds of fruit trees, (pear, apple, peach, etc.) blackberries, pomegranates and compost bins.  If you have difficulty with physical labor, let the chairperson know as there are garden activities that do not require physical exertion.

Hands on in the Garden Meets on the last Saturday of the month at the Williamson County Extension Office.  Note:  Hands on in the Garden hours may be counted as either Volunteer or Continuing Ed hours

Rose Garden  contact the Chairperson or the VMS General Calendar

Drought Tolerant and Cactus Garden  contact the Chairperson or the VMS Drought Tolerant Calendar

Herb Garden  For meeting times, contact the Chairperson or check the VMS General Calendar.

Wildflower Garden  For meeting times, contact the Chairperson or check the VMS General Calendar.

Committee Meetings  Volunteer hours are counted for committee meetings.  All MG’s (Certified, Intern or Student can serve on a committee, but only certified MG’s can chair a committee.

One time events, workdays, etc.    Check the VMS General Calendar

Master Gardener Volunteer Hour opportunities at other locations in Williamson County

If there are any questions regarding volunteer hours and approved locations or trainings, please contact Kate Whitney at or the Extension Office at 512-943-3300.

JMG opportunities  Check the VMS General Calendar for JMG places and times.  The event name will begin with JMG.  JMG hours are counted as volunteer hours.

Joss Greenhouse  Usually meets on Wednesdays.  Check the VMS Joss Greenhouse calendar or contact Chairperson Paul Howe

Round Rock Serving Center  Usually meets on Tuesdays and Fridays, the same days as the WCMG Vegetable Gardens.  See the VMS General Calendar for times to sign up.

Georgetown Sunken Gardens  Usually meets on Wednesdays.  Check the VMS General calendar or contact the Chairperson

Peterson Garden  Check the VMS General Calendar

Master Gardener Continuing Educational Hour Opportunities

Please Note:  Only classes that are horticultural related having to do with gardening or landscape will count.  Classes about making beer, bread, etc. or product presentations do not count.  

  1. Monthly meeting of WCMGA –meets the 2nd Monday of every month. (except Dec.)
  2. Monthly Master Gardener meetings in surrounding counties.
  3. Master Gardener Specialist Trainings in Texas (must be currently certified to take the training)
  4. Texas Master Garden State Conference
  5. Hands on in the Garden Meets on the last Saturday of the month at the Williamson County Extension Office.  Hours may be counted as Continuing Education or Volunteer hours.
  6. Travis County  Master Gardeners
  7. Events and Garden clubs at Zilker Botanical Gardens.
  8. The Natural Gardener 8648 Old Bee Caves Road, Austin, TX 78735 512-288-6113
  9. Georgetown Garden Club Georgetown Parks and Recreation Community Room, 1101 N. College, Georgetown, Texas 78626
  10. Native Plant Society of Texas Williamson County Chapter Meets the second Thursday of each month, 7pm-8:30pm at the Georgetown Public Library 402 West 8th St, Georgetown, TX, 78626.
  11.  Round Rock Gardens 901 Sam Bass Rd. Round Rock, TX 78681 (512) 255-3353
  12. Countryside Nursery and Landscape 13292 Pond Springs Rd Austin, Texas 78729 512-249-0100
  13. Red Barn Garden Center 12881 Pond Springs Road Austin, TX 78729 512-335-8093
  14. Hill Country Water Gardens 1407 N. Bell Blvd., Cedar Park, TX 78613 512-260-5050
  15. Monument Market 500 S. Austin Avenue, Georgetown, Texas, 78626 512-240-4715 Class fees may apply.
  16. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center 4801 La Crosse Avenue Austin, Texas 78739 512-232-0100 Class fees may apply.
  17. Austin Area Garden Center Clubs at Zilker Botanical Gardens. See website for listings. Fees for parking and meetings may apply.

College Workshops and Courses.  Educational hours for higher education courses must be approved by the Membership Committee. Approved hours will be equal to the accredited hours for the class, not the number of hours attended. For example, a three-hour credit course would equal three education hours.

Austin Community College Continuing Education Program Single-session workshops and multi-week classes on topics like soils, pest management, landscape design, turf management and propagation. See online course catalog for details. Locations vary. Tuition and campus parking permit fees apply. Check with WCMGA membership for pre-approval on hours. on=


You can obtain up to 3 (three) Continuing Education hours per year watching certain webinars.  A webinar approximately an hour long is worth 1 continuing education hour.   Webinar subjects must pertain to horticulture, gardening and landscape related topics in order to receive credit.

Webinars do not have to be approved in advance, but must be related to horticulture as noted above to get credit for them.  If you are unsure if a webinar is appropriate, contact one of your MG Training class coordinators, Brenda or John or a MG Board member.  

After watching a webinar, record it it VMS. Here is a VMS example

Event Description:           Webinar, Earth Kind Landscape Water Conservation
Event Date Date:              Date webinar was watched
Apply to Project:              Continuing education
Continuing Education:  1 hour
If a webinar has a quiz at the end, you are not required to take the quiz, but may do so for your own personal feedback.

Earth Kind Landscaping Webinars.  Note: the EK Challenge link did not work the last time I tried it.  Most of the webinars will download as a .wmv file while some will just open in your browser.  Mac users may need an wmv player app to run wmv (windows media video) files.

Aggie Horticulture Webinar Search

Natural Resource Webinars (Note:  not all are horticulture related)

College Courses offering Credit Hours

If a course offers 1 or more “Credit Hours”, only the number of credit hours can be claimed for continuing education  and not the actual amount of time spent in the class. For example, if a course offered 1 credit hour and the course took 8 hours to complete, only I hour could be counted as Continuing Education in VMS.

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