Volunteering Examples

Master Gardeners learn by doing.  Volunteering is where classroom knowledge and hands on experience come together.  There are many ways and lots of opportunities to earn Volunteer or Educational Hours as a Master Gardener depending on the activity.  Below are photo examples of Master Gardeners doing volunteer activities.  Not all the approved activities are shown here.  See the MG Volunteer Opportunities page in the Members section for a more complete list.

(Double click photos to enlarge.)

Vegetable Demonstration Gardens Meets twice a week (Volunteer Hours)

Waterline repair brigade 5-12-17 adding mulch to bed 5-5-17 11.9lb cabbage 1-29-16

amending row garden and fertilizing garden 02242017  Onions and onions 5-9-17

Drought Tolerant Demonstration Gardens (Volunteer Hours)


Rose Demonstration Garden (Volunteer Hours)


Herb Demonstration Garden (Volunteer Hours)


Joss Greenhouse Propagation Project (Volunteer Hours)


Our Lady of the Rosary Project (Volunteer Hours)

Annual Plant Sale (Volunteer Hours)

Junior Master Gardener Projects (JMG or Volunteer Hours)


Hands on in the Garden Training –Count Educational Hours if you are attending the presentation.  Count Volunteer Hours if you are doing the Presentation.  


Monthly Master Gardener Meetings — Count Educational Hours for the length of the presentation.  If you help setup/tear down the meeting, that time can be counted as Volunteer Hours.  Up to 1 Volunteer Hour can also be counted if you have prepared food for the meeting social time.

Help Desk (Volunteer Hours)


Community Presentations — If you do the presenting, count it as Volunteer Hours. If you are just attending and it is an approved presentation, you can count it as Educational Hours.


Website, Newsletter, Blog, Social Media, Advertising (Volunteer Hours)



Round Rock Area Serving Center (Volunteer Hours)

Area Garden Clubs (If just attending, count as Educational Hours. If presenting, count as Volunteer Hours.)

Yearly Master Garden State Conference (Educational Hours)

Native Plant Society of Texas Meeting (Educational Hours)

Travis County Master Gardener Meetings  (Educational Hours)


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