Rainwater Harvesting


Checklist for Domestic Conservation.pdf

Dos and Don’ts.pdf

100 Ways to Conserve Water

Linking Water Conservation and Natural Resource Stewardship in the Trinity River Basin.pdf

  • This publication explores the relationship between ecosystem health and land stewardship in the Trinity River Basin. It also describes how responsible land stewardship can be applied in urban and rural settings.

Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting in Texas.pdf

Rainwater Landscape Methods.pdf

Capture and Storage Tank Systems
(see Rainwater Collection below)

Rainwater Harvesting: Raingardens.pdf

Rainwater Harvesting: Soil Storage and Infiltration.pdf

  • A soil storage and infiltration system collects rainfall runoff from the roofs of buildings and directs it underground where it infiltrates the soil. Such a system conserves water and protects it from surface pollution.

Uses: WildLife, Livestock & Pets:

Diagram & Intructions for Wildlife Waterer.pdf

Diagram & Intructions for Wildlife Water Guzzler.pdf


Rainwater Harvesting: Livestock.pdf

  • Providing enough water can be a problem when grazing livestock on rangeland. Authors explain how rainwater capture is done and give specific examples on how to determine the amount that you need.

Uses: Landscape

Lawn Water Management.pdf


Earth-Kind Landscaping Encourages:

  • Water conservation
  • Landscaping for energy conservation
  • Reduction of fertilizer and pesticide use
  • Reduction of yard wastes entering landfills
  • Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape

Drip Irrigation Tips.pdf


  • A publication over-viewing different types of irrigation systems with detailed instructions and diagrams on how to plan for and install a drip system.


  • An article on irrigation and all other phases of landscape design.

Rainwater Collection & Indoor and Outdoor Use

How to Build a Rain Barrel.pdf

Rainwater Harvesting Manual, 3rd edition.pdf

Harvesting, Storing and Treating Rainwater for Domestic Use -TCEQ.pdf

  • This publication will help you design and operate a roof-based rainwater harvesting system to supply drinking water for you and your household. It focuses on the information you need to make sure that your system will produce water that is chemically and biologically safe to drink.


Other Resources:


Texas Water Development Board: Rainwater Harvesting


American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association

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