Gardening in Central Texas is always a challenge. When the mass media advises the rest of the country to plant, we can’t. While gardens up north winter over, we enjoy our most productive months. So what should we do? And when?

The Master Gardener program arose to provide the best answers to these questions. Master Gardener Trainees receive 50+ hours of instruction by horticultural experts and provide at least 50 hours volunteer hours of service to the community. Once certified, we maintain our credentials with a minimum of 6 hours of Continuing Education and another 20 of volunteer work (all for a token $24/year). Many Master Gardeners go on to obtain Specialist Certifications in Landscaping, Composting, Oak Wilt, Entomology, Irrigation, Propagation, Greenhouses, Watersheds, Rainwater Harvesting… the list is extensive.

Master Gardeners are an educational organization; our purpose is “to further public education in the art and science of horticulture.” We are not a work club, though individual members often choose to provide the physical labor needed to create and maintain public gardens. We are not a social club, though we meet together to celebrate our successes. We are educators: here to provide researched information and hands-on training to the local community.

So whether you’re new to the area or to gardening itself, are seeking the latest scientific information on pest management, or want to join a community of gardening enthusiasts, you’ve come to the right place for reliable, researched information.

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