Little River Basin Master Gardener Certification Training

Courses are taught by Texas Cooperative Extension specialists, agents, and local experts and covers topics including lawn care, ornamental trees and shrubs, insect, disease, and weed management; soils and plant nutrition, vegetable gardening; home fruit production; garden flowers; and water conservation. The training is offered at various times during the year usually at the Cameron Texas Extension office.  Check with the Milan County Extension office for specific locations, dates, and times.

Volunteer Hours

In exchange for the training, participants are asked to volunteer time to their County Extension program. The type of service done by Master Gardeners varies according to community needs, and the abilities and interests of the Master Gardeners. Some Master Gardeners answer telephone requests for the information related to gardening. Others staff plant clinics or displays in shopping malls or community centers. Master Gardeners may speak to local groups and conduct workshops. They may help establish community garden projects, work with 4-H youth, or assist their agent with news or radio releases related to gardening. The Master Gardener Coordinator in the County Extension office decides how volunteer time can be best utilized.

Upon completion of the training you become a Master Gardener Intern and gain the title of “Texas Master Gardener” upon the completion of the volunteer hours. The volunteer hours may be accumulated during the hours of training.  Master Gardener trainees, Interns, and Master Gardeners are encouraged to participate in local Master Gardener association groups and to attend conferences.

Master Gardener Re-certification

In order to retain the Texas Master Gardener title in Milam County, individuals are required each year to participate in recertification training (education) and provide additional hours of volunteer service through the local Extension office. In accordance with the by-laws, Section 7 , in order to retain the title of Certified Texas Master Gardener, members must annually;

 attend at least four meetings

 complete 24 hours of volunteer service

 complete 6 hours of advanced training classes

When to use the Master Gardener Title

The Texas Master Gardener Title is to be used only when doing unpaid volunteer work in this program.  However, when Texas Master Gardeners speak before groups on horticultural subjects it is permissible for them to accept unsolicited reimbursements or gifts. It is recommended that Master Gardeners and Interns alike wear their Master Gardener badge to their service project.


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