2012-2013 Committee Chairpersons

2012-2013 Committee Chairpersons

Programs:   Pat Runcie

EarthWords Newsletter/Public Relations:   Jennifer Lazarow

  • Marjorie Shelton, Anne Barr, JoAnn Young, JoAnn Bradford, Katherine Bedrich, Susan Humble, Janice Johnson

Membership:   Linda Jo Conn

Nominating:   Jackie Thornton

  • Mary Waldson, James Anderle

Audit/Finance:   James Bradford

  • Dorothy Rachui, Chris Wilson

Hospitality:   Cindy McDaniels

  • Marilyn Johnson

Projects Approval:   Connie Anderle

  • Jon Gersbach, Sandy Braswell

*********Above committees are required by the by-laws

Junior Master Gardener:   Renee Sadler

  • Anne Barr

By Laws:   Anne Barr

  • Ann Collins, Vivian Dixon

Plant Sale:   Connie Anderle

  • All members will participate on a committee of the plant sale.

Triangle Demonstration Garden:   Pat Runcie

  •    Xeriscape:   James Wheeler

Pat Runcie, Esther Kurker, Linda Jo Conn, Sandra Dworaczyk

  • Herb:   Connie Anderle

Marjorie Shelton, Katherine Laney

  • Wildscape:   Janice Johnson

Bonnie George,Chris Wilson

  • Rose:   James Anderle

Sandra Dworaczyk, Sandra O’Donnell, Jim O’Donnell

  • Gazebo:   Pat Camp

Webmaster:   Nora Anzaldúa

Garden Plant Tags:   Jennifer Lazarow

Butterfly Garden:   Bonnie George

  • Pat Holley, Annie Barr, James Bradford, JoAnn Bradford, Sarah Beard, Rosalie Biar


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