Ed Vaughan – Tarrant County






Master Gardener 1990-2010

Ed Vaughan joined the Tarrant County Master Gardener Association in 1990 when there were about 35 members.  In his own quiet way, he has helped the Association become a productive group of over 300 members. Throughout his years, he has been recognized as our Master Gardener of the Year and has been awarded countless shovels—our Association’s indicator of at least 100 hours contributed per year.  Ed has always chosen to not accept a nomination as an officer because he believes his strength to be “behind the scenes”. His love and focus has always been the office and he provides a stabilizing force with his almost daily presence.

When we first received our digital diagnostic equipment, Ed individually took it on to establish our Association’s ability to be able to access the experts in insects and pathology and could provide them with digitized microscope pictures for their assessment. We may be the only Association to have such technology AND the skill to utilize it. And, of course, he has written instructions for use of this equipment. Ed has seen to it each year that the plaques displaying our members’ names and longevity are brought up to date. He monitors the Presidents’ plaques as well. Ed explains that these days he probably only puts in about 20-25 hours per month, but he is present almost daily offering guidance on researching the materials in the office, how to use the computers and all the other office machinery. As the office began to utilize computers, Ed recognized the necessity of a handbook to properly open the computer and all the other programs available. He has created a handbook for each of the Master Gardener work stations.

Many of us have always assumed that Ed’s wife sends him to the office for a little peace and quiet at home. Recently, he says she has begun to ask what he has going on at the office??!! The truth is: he loves being there, helping newer MGs and office staff, and he loves the friendships, support and camaraderie he finds among fellow Master Gardeners.


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