It’s almost here!  The annual plant sale will be April 6, 2019.

The Concho Valley Master Gardeners Association’s propagation team propagates  the plants for the sale. Plants offered in the sale are proven to do well in the Concho Valley. The doors of the 4H Center will open at 8:00 am (not before) and the sale will continue until noon or until sold out. Individual plant prices range from$1 to $5 depending on the size of the pot.  Hanging baskets and succulent dishes are higher.

Carts for shopping are not provided at the sale, but you may bring your own cart or wagon to use as you shop.

Please do not plant your plants on the day of the sale. The plants have been in a controlled greenhouse environment. Your outdoor space presents a new set of conditions: sunlight, wind & cooler temperatures. Your plants will thrive better if given the chance to ‘harden off’ before being planted in the ground – this consists of a few days outside with the gradual increasing amount of low exposure to sun, wind & outdoor temperatures. It is best to plant them in late afternoon on days of low wind velocity.

2019 Plant Sale Flyer





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