2018 Brazoria County Intern Training Resources

Howdy, class of 2018! We offer this webpage as a collection of resources that will assist you complete your training to attain Texas Master Gardener Certification. We thank you for your dedication and service!

2018 MG Intern Training Co-chairs: Rose Wagner and Linda Ulmer; Brazoria County AgriLife Extension Horticulturist Stephen Brueggerhoff


Brazoria County Master Gardeners Research Resource Bibliography; click here to view and download!

2018 BCMGA Intern Training Schedule; click here to view and download!

2018 Intern Volunteer Hours Presentation; click here to view and download!

BEES Gardens Map; click here to view and download!

2018 BCMGA Intern Hours Log Form; click here to view and download!

2018 BCMGA Intern Class Roster; click here to view and download!

Below are handouts for each week’s program; we will update the information as we receive it. Click each underlined link to download a copy.
Week One: January 25, 2018
Introduction: Jim Verboon, BCMGA President handout
Texas A&M AgriLife: Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – Horticulture handout
Botany: Ann McLain

Week Two: February 1, 2018
Soil Science: Jon Wiedenfeld, NRCS handout
Citrus and Stone Fruit: Gil Livanec, BCMGA handout
Citrus Canker Fact Sheet handout

Week Three: February 8, 2018
Vegetables: August and Ruth Aimone, BCMGA handout
Square-foot Gardening: Frank Curl, BCMGA
Compost: Ellen Pedesich, BCMGA

Week Four: February 15, 2018
Herbs: Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – presentation handout
Herbs: TX A&M AgriLife Growing Herbs Fact Sheet; author Dr. Masabni
Herbs: Galveston County MG Publication; Herbs for Upper Gulf Coast TX
Herbs: Iowa State University Extension FAQ; Mosquito Repellant Plants
Day Lilies: Mike Mayfield, BCMGA handout
Habitat Gardening: Barbara Burkhardt, BCMGA handout
Habitat Gardening: Butterflies
Habitat Gardening: Hummingbirds
Habitat Gardening: Flowers for Hummingbirds
Habitat Gardening: Galveston County MG Publication; Native vs. Tropical Milkweed

Week Five: February 22, 2018
Pesticides: Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – presentation handout
Pesticides: EarthKind Landscape Pesticides handout
Pesticides: Stephen Brueggerhoff, CEA – presentation handout
Insects: Erfan Vafaie, TAMU

Week Six: March 1, 2018
Plant Pathology: Dr. Kevin Ong, TAMU – program handout

Week Seven: March 8, 2018
Roses: Laurel Owen, BCMGA – presentation handout
Urban Forestry: Jerry Bradshaw, City of Pearland

Week Eight: March 15, 2018
Tropical Plants: Ed Barrios, BCMGA
Plant Propagation: Dana Arnold, BCMGA

Week Nine: March 22, 2018
Landscaping: Sandy Hurst, BCMGA
Rainwater Harvesting: Dana Arnold, BCMGA

Week Ten: Marcy 29, 2018
Texas Superstar Program: Jo Ann Knodel and Kim Richardson, BCMGA
EarthKind Gardening: Tim Hartmann, Texas A&M AgriLife

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