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November 2010 MG Newsletter Citrus Greening

Our Demonstration Gardens in the News!

October 2010 MGNewsletter Problem Ants in So Texas
Sep 2010 MGNewsletter
  • Sep 13 Garden Evening, Dinner Follows
  • Growing Bluebonnets
  • Aug 2010 MGNewsletter

    & 2010 MG Class

  • Member Interest Survey in Aug
  • Great Plants for Hummingbirds
  • July 2010 MGNewsletter.pdf

  • Hypoxylon Canker Killing Trees
  • June 2010 MG Newsletter.pdf

  • Monarch Butterflies
  • May 2010 Hidden Garden Tour in Pictures
  • 05 May 2010 MGNewsletter.pdf

  • Website wins TMGA Award
  • Kids GardenFest Report
  • Dodder, a Truly Parasitic Plant
  • April 2010 MG Newsletter.pdf

  • Successful Spring Plant Sale
  • Refresh Your Gardens This Spring
  • March 2010 MG Newsletter.pdf

    • Lemon Eucalyptus
    • Spring Turf Fertilizing
    February 2010 MG Newsletter.pdf
    • South Texas Sticker Burrs
    • Meet New Horticulture Agent, Virginia “Ginger” Easton Smith
    Jan 2010 MG Newsletter.pdf
    • Helping Your Garden Survive a Frost
    • The Spring Vegetable Garden


    In This Issue

    December 2009.pdf
    • Plants and Flowers of Christmas
    • Caring for Holiday Plants
    November 2009.pdf
    • Fen Shui Garden Design
    • Tin Can Raffle
    October 2009.pdf
    • Rainwater Harvesting
    • Rose Symposium, Victoria, TX, Oct 17
    • EarthKind & MG Class Schedules

    September 2009.pdf
    • The Hard Working Gourd
    • 20 Texas Gardens to See Before You Die
    • 5 Fabulous Hummer Plants
    August 2009.pdf
    • Fall Gardening in South Texas
    • 2009 EarthKind Landscaping Class
    • 2009 MG Class Schedule
    July 2009.pdf
    • Summertime Irrigation
    • Soapberry Borer Infestations in Texas
    • TX Master Gardener Handbook, 6th Ed., now available
    June 2009.pdf
    • Invasive Plants and Suggested Alternatives
    • Butterfly Wheel in the Children’s Discovery Room
    May 2009.pdf
    • Gophers and Moles: Garden Foes
    • Texas Master Gardener license plates
    • A-SP Master Gardeners win awards!
    April 2009.pdf
    • Citrus Greening
    • When to use the Texas Master Gardener title
    March 2009.pdf
    • Tussock Moth and Oak Leaf Roller
    February 2009.pdf
    • Success with Roses in the Coastal Bend
    October 2009.pdf
    • Growing Potatoes in the Coastal Bend
    • Texas Superstar Plants: Phalaenopsis orchids


    In This Issue

    December 2008.pdf
    • Garden Art and Decoration
    • Visit in the Gardens with D.J. Chilcoat
    November 2008.pdf
    • Texas Superstar Plants: Duranta, Chinkapin oak, Mari-mum, Firebush
    • The Best Growing Season
    October 2008.pdf
    • CEMAP: Coordinated Education and Marketing Assistance Program
    • Texas Superstar Plants: Garden phlox
    September 2008.pdf
    • Visit in the Gardens with Heather Bywater
    August 2008.pdf
    • Appropriate Landscape Maintenance
    July 2008.pdf
    • I Love Mulch! Let Me Count the Ways…
    • Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture
    June 2008.pdf
    • Efficient Irrigation, Part III
    • Visit in the Gardens with Maryellen Sherman
    May 2008.pdf
    • Efficient Irrigation, Part II
    • Visit in the Gardens with Mary Ann Geer
    April 2008.pdf
    • Efficient Irrigation, Part I
    • Check the Application Rate of Your Sprinkler System

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