Growing Grapes in South Texas July Brown Bag Lecture

The July Brown Bag was a great hour filled with all kinds of information about grapes and wine. For example, did you know that there are at least 13 different varieties of grapes that are native to Texas?  Or that there are over 470 Texas wineries making Texas 5th in the nation in wine production? Or that the first commercial winery dates back to 4000 BC? Dr. Justin Schiener, viticulturist for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in College Station, is well versed in the arts of growing… Read More →


Photo of Butterfly Mosaic

“I am so pleased the butterfly has found its home!  Spent lots of hours on it. DJ Chilcoat and I originally made it (my hubby actually cut the design out of exterior plywood then DJ and I did the old mosaic.  (Unfortunately, that was in 2005-6 when I was in my mosaic “infancy” and I made a lot of mistakes in terms of adhesives/tiles/grout/sealers.)  We put it in the Children’s garden at Green Acres. When the county decided to move the MG’s to the new site, I just… Read More →