Save Our Trees

Tree Brown Bsg AttendeesVirginia "Ginger" Easton SmithWe had a full house on Tuesday when Aransas County AgriLife Extension Agent, Virginia “Ginger” Easton Smith took to the floor to talk about TREES.  Our local tree population is still stressed one year after Hurricane Harvey blew through the Coastal Bend.  Ginger shared with us what we need to do to help our trees to not only live, but to thrive.  Unfortunately, she said that many of our trees are barely hanging in there and that we may still loose some of them.  She told us that we should pretty much still be leaving leaving the trees alone except for water and fertilizer.  She also explained what we could and what we should not prune.  She said that right now the damaged trees need as much green left on them as possible in order for them to photosynthesis food.  Everyone attending left with a pretty good idea of what we can do to help out the local tree population and give them the same chance at life that they are giving us.

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